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Stay in Xi'an / Sights of Xi'an
Mt. HuaSHan

Situated in Huayin City, 120 kilometers (about 75 miles) east from Xi'an City of SHaanxi Province, Mt. HuaSHan is known as 'The Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven'. It is one of the five sacred mountains in China. The other four mountains are Mt. TaiSHan in SHandong, Mt. HengSHan in Hunan, Mt. HengSHan in SHanxi, and Mt. SongSHan in Henan.

In ancient times, Mt. HuaSHan was called Mt. TaihuaSHan. From a distance the five peaks seem to form the SHape of a 'flower' (hua in Chinese), hence the name 'HuaSHan'. It is famous for its natural vistas of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags, and a high mountain range. It is home to several influential Taoist temples where emperors of past dynasties made pilgrimages, making Mt. HuaSHan the holy land of Taoism.


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