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Stay in Xi'an / Shopping Areas
Shu Yuan Men

Shuyuanmen Gate is a small street with 400 history . It was the gateway to the Guanzhong Shuyuan (Guanzhong Academy), one of the four famous Academies of ancient China. The Forest of Stone Stele is on the end of the street. There are hundred shops established in the ancient style.

You can see various size of writing brushes hang from above the gate of shops. Many of the owners know a lot about Chinese calligraphy, painting,and other cultural things. Some of them are real artists. Maybe you can be permited to visit their small workshops, which are located behind the shops, to see how they make those crafts. Many local people, including amateurs and artists look for things they want here. The condition is comfortable and tidy.

Four treasures of study (writing brush, ink stick, silk paper and ink stone); Rubbings of calligraphy and paiting from the Forest of Stone Stele; Shaddows of shaddow play (made of donkey skin or bull skin, totally handmade); Xun (the oldest instrument, decovered from Banbo Village, yes, 6000 years ago) Paper cut; and other folk arts.



Made in BeiJing, China @ 2007