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Beijing Highlight Tours

China Super Star has designed a series of Best of Beijing for first time tourists coming to China.

Day 1 -- Historic Beijing


Forbidden City: 60 RMB / person

Summer Palace: 50 RMB / person

Tiananmen Square
Forbidden City
Summer Palace
Day 2 -- Classic Beijing

Private car: 800 RMB / 4 seats

The great wall: 130 RMB / person

Rickshaw: 180 RMB / 2 seats

The Great wall
Hutong Rickshaw
Peking Duck
Day 3 -- Imperial Beijing

Temple of Heaven: 30 RMB/ person

Lama temple: 25 RMB / person

Confucious Temple: 25 RMB / person

Temple of Heaven
Lama Temple
Confucious Temple
Day 4 -- Mysterious Beijing


Spiritual way: 30 RMB / person

Underground palace: 60 RMB / person

Spiritual Way
Underground Palace
Night life adventure

China Super Star can offer you a wonderful night tour service! For business people who don't have spare time during day time or tourists eager to explore local night life of Beijing. Now it is your best chance!      Rate: 95 USD ( 600 RMB ) / half day, 4 hours .

Evening Program 1 -- Highlight spots


Chinese acrobatics: 180 RMB / person

Gongfu show: 180 RMB / person


Chinese Acrobatics
Gongfu Show
Palace Performance
Evening Program 2 -- Spicy spots

Buying dinner or drinks

geting free performance

Russian Dance
Arabic Style
Uygur Specialty
Evening Program 3 -- Typical spots

Located in downtown area,

taxi drivers know those places

Evening Program 4 -- Traditional spots
Where you can find all kinds of chinese snacks or specialty food !!


Made in BeiJing, China @ 2007