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Stay in BeiJing / Shopping Areas of BeiJing
Xidan Area

Some people say the Silk Market (Xiu SHui) is for foreigners and Xidan is for Beijingers.

The Chung-Yo Department Store and the Xidan Market provide an ideal SHopping, dining and entertainment environment. Chung-Yo's business is usually brisk. It offers monthly promotions, such as its Teacher's Day promotion on September 10, a "Clone Competition" (Chung-Yo takes photos of families and selects those that resemble each other the most). Discounted prices cause even the thriftiest of consumers to open their wallets without a thought. All the world's name-brand products are abundant here, which reflects Beijing's growing cosmopolitan presence. Rock'n'roll, SHouting assistants, faShions make Xidan a paradise for SHoppers.

Beginning this month, SHoppers can enjoy "Open-air SHopping", two corridors will link the four SHopping centers. One is between Chung-Yo Department Store and the Pacific Department Store; the other lies between Huawei Mansion and its opposite building. SHopping promotions are being featured.


Made in BeiJing, China @ 2007